Nicholas Brett.. Man on a mission.

Posted on May 31, 2012


Brett certainly built his way to the top. Nicholas Brett Managing director world-wide and group editorial director of BBC magazines came to Falmouth University to share his experiences and years of knowledge from working within one of the most powerful companies, the BBC.

Brett joined the BBC in 1988 after leaving his position as feature editor at The Times. He was then editorial director of BBC magazines in 1991, in 1996 director of BBC worldwide then continued to launch History magazine in 2000 and then during 2001 he became director of BBC magazines. As if Brett hadn’t done enough in his career he became group editorial director of BBC magazines in 2006. He sets high standards and proves hard work certainly pays off. His career has certainly been impeccable.

Brett made it clear that the BBC is so successful because the company continuously maintains the connection with the audience by putting them first. He continued that if you have an idea for a magazine you need to question “why this? why now? why us?” make sure you focus on the three whys.

Brett also focused on passion, preparation, professionalism and persistence and explained these are the four p’s you need to sustain within urself for a job within the magazine industry. He obviously had numbers on his mind. The entire lecture was captivating and interesting, due to the fact I am highly interested in magazine work and Brett would be an excellent contact to have for the future.

At one point during the lecture Brett focused on the quote from the field of dreams film starring Kevin Costner “build it and they will come” even though this was seen as an original approach this is not true, always start with the reader. You need the audience to build an idea around. So his advice… Don’t do a Kevin Costner.

He was quite the comedian.

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