Sam Lynas..Getting on the internet scene.

Posted on May 31, 2012


Sam Lynas former Falmouth university student and now master mind of the web came to Falmouth University to give students an insight into how the internet is a key aspect of becoming a successful journalist.

He pushes the fact that the internet can be your empire “you can’t really write enough or too much”. With Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Word Press and all other branches of social media, you can connect with millions of people across the globe within seconds.

Writing online is all about practise. Sam explained how it builds “social authority and leads to opportunities”. But when writing blogs you need a specific audience, when you allow your writing to be too broad and vague you won’t be able to gain a loyal readership you’ll end up with just your friends and family. You have to research your audience, he advised students to use the “google keyword tool” a keyword research tool which allows you to discover what people are entering whilst searching for what they want. It gives you a new perspective of the internet and how it truly is evolving and will continue to.

After graduating in 2009, Sam began working at barefoot media specialising in producing digital marketing strategies for festivals, beach events, restaurants, food producers and various others. He shared his passion and love for both food and Cornwall. A Cornish pasty is definitely the way to this writer’s heart. Sam llynas is now a freelance writer, due to his broad knowledge of the internet and how to reach and gain his own audience.

The key point he argued was to be organised, donate just one hour a day to your blog, because after all “you are investing in your future”.

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