Joe Barnes.. from falmouth student to FHM hot shot.

Posted on June 1, 2012


Somebody has to die for you to get a job in journalism these days… was the message sent to the eager beaver journalists of Falmouth University. Joe Barnes, Editor of FMH and former journalism student of Falmouth University oozed humour and confidence whilst advising students on the motions to becoming a successful and respected journalist.

“It’s a tough market, my team consists of twelve people, it used to be forty to fifty” Joe revealed the reality of the crisis that the magazine and news industry is currently undergoing and that the light at the end of the tunnel is farfetched. There’s little recruitment, and unless someone dies or retires it’s all a waiting game.

“No one expects to pay for anything” and “your wrong if you think the internet will remain free” with the content available online and backlash of the recession, all these elements add to the frustration of the newspapers and magazines that they are losing readers at an alarming speed.

The internet is the future, Joe described that the market currently has a “lack of understanding for anyone under twenty five” businesses are eager for the younger generation who have a natural understanding of the internet. He summed up the fact that if your parents work for the times, your posh and you’ve been to private school you’ll breeze into a corporate company but for those of us who aren’t so privileged the road ahead will be “super hard work” to earn your place within a high flying company.

But Joe Barnes himself did this; from graduating in 2003, he then left his parents’ home in Nottingham to move to London. He started at Front magazine in 2004 and became editor by 2006. “I took sales from 20k to 40k” and that’s how Joe landed his job at FHM in 2011… determination.

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