News Story. Tremough Trauma.

Posted on June 1, 2012


Students weree verbally abused and subject to stone throwing, at Penryn Star shaped pond just off the grounds of Tremough Campus by locals on several occasions during May.

Falmouth University provides accommodation for one thousand four hundred students at Tremough Campus on a yearly basis. The campus is in neighbouring with the town Penryn.

There have been several incidents over the past year, which have included conflict and confrontation between students living on Tremough campus and the local residents who live in close proximity of the student flats.  An incident took place recently involving a group of five students that were doing a sight specific piece were rehearsals take place in the star shaped pond, which is situated close to a Penryn housing road.

Whenever the group rehearsed the locals would shout verbal abuse towards the five students. Peter, 21 a member of the group explained to me how a local man shouted aggressively “shut the f*** up” and “my f****** ears are bleeding” repeatedly. The students decided to ignore the comments to avoid any type of confrontation.

However one incident got physical. A local launched stones at the students with intent to harm. Peter described the ordeal as a “frightening experience, I was genuinely scared for my safety and the four other members of the group. The violent tones and actions were not needed, they could of calmly spoke to us and we could have discussed how we could resolve the issue”.

I spoke to a Penryn local for his opinion on the locals view of students, James said “it’s hard you know, obviously student’s bring in business but you have to think about how these people feel about a campus being right outside their front door, its noisy it’s not everyone’s cup of tea”.

Security attended the final performance; along with the locals who brought there foul language.

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