Wedding bells are ringing in the south. Ring-a-ling.

Posted on June 1, 2012


Rebecca Matthews and Brendan Sleeman created WED magazine and launched it in during 2007. Mathews and Sleeman are both editor and advertising directors of WED magazine and came to Falmouth university to share their experience of creating their own magazine.

The magazine has been a huge success, and branched out online and has allowed a wider audience and readership across both the UK and worldwide “it helps interest not just in Cornwall, but nationwide people can search if they want to get married in Cornwall”.  The pair pushed the fact that print isn’t dead, print is alive but it just needs the hand of online media. The internet is full of resources and contacts that build businesses from the ground up, reflecting how the magazine Wed has expanded and grown stronger over time. Rebecca went on to explain that “you can be based anywhere that’s the beauty of modern publicity.”

“Content in the new issue doesn’t go on the website till print version is off the shelf, it protects the magazine”. Rebecca revealed how they keep their brand strong.

For a successful magazine you need to know readership and create a brand for it, introduce to social media and social networking. Wed has an edge that other wedding magazines don’t, they go against the traditional conventions the magazine focuses not just on the bride but also there’s content for the groom, “there’s a lot of meaning in the logo”.

The pair of course insinuated “it’s the best magazine in the south west for weddings” and I back that opinion all the way.

£3.50 order yourself a copy. Even if you’re not heading down the aisle just yet, the photography and writing is definitely worth checking out.

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